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Hmmm, how it looks... Welcome to WFMH on-line internet service. We hope you will find this site exciting and visit us often in the future ;-) We'd like this place on the net to appeal to people of various interests, what means pages of diverse subjects will turn up here. We also hope you'll enjoy most of them, even if you had neglected such topics in the past.

Before you start exploring this site, please take a look at a links below. The items placed there represent major themes we would like to tell you about. Presently you'll find only small portion of the planned ones, but we believe that even this limited suite will draw your attention.

Briefly about browsing the site:
While creating these pages we did our best to make them readable with any, even very outdated browser. Consequently, we gave up on one of the most problematic (and controversial!) things - frames, however some other modern features, like animated gifs and tables will significantly improve total perception of this site, so it would be nice if your browser support them (as of 1996 ;)

We would happily learn your opinions or sugestions about this site. If you have any, please mail carlos@...!

Our software:
If by any chance you're here hunting for software wrote by W.F.M.H., you may wish to explore "our Files" link below. Most of our Amiga software is there (including award winning demos) as well as some 8-bit Atari demos. We may add some software later on, but since it takes time, don't hold your breath...

However this site seems to be a bit outdated (someday we may find some time to get it refreshed), but here's a recent list ouf our members. And recent means, anyone outside the list who claims to be our member, just dreams. In case one has own personal page, it would be linked to his name. If you want to reach any by mail append @wfmh.org.pl domain to the nick below and you get a valid email address. So here they are:

Brain, Carlos, Magnus, Robin, Silverdr, Tagor, Thorgal, Tori

NOTE: There's quite number of software released by us in older days (mainly for Amiga) and if you are looking for a way to contact authors of said software it may be that you are at the right place. If the README doc says that autor's email is @amiga.com.pl - it is most likely ours stuff. Just replace @amiga.com.pl with @wfmh.org.pl and send your stuff to us.


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