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Please note all the software updates are announced on my blog. Please always check the blog for latest news and user contributed discussion!

Who's Carlos:

Note:    All information stored in this file are strictly confidental and may not be sold, copied, reproduced nor duplicated for any reason as they are stamped Top Secrect (not to mention they are usually outdated). Reading this page more than once per month may cause all your software to become Windows requireable and was found to cause cancer to laboratory mice. You have been warned. Good luck.

E-mail address: In case you desire to feed my mailbox with your useless crap <duck> here's the key - you know the domain already and you know my nickname too... Oh, yes - it's that simple. Unless you're yet another braindead spambot... And no. Solving this puzzle does not autmaticly qualify you to free MENSA membership...

And by the way - I used to use address for years - this is no longer the case - but if you want to reach me and you are on this page just because you've been searching for me by old email address - here I am. Here.

Be careful!    Someone may be watching you!      

Dive beach
Dive and code as we do ;)
Do you dive? Good for ya (otherwise blame yourself). Neverless, go and browse our underwater photo gallery!

Links to some of my projects that have been released to general public are here:

Some software for Android I've developer or participated can be spotted here, on Android Market.

Some software for PalmOS I've developed or participated:

Where Am I? Analyzer Aqua Divelog Date Time Format Hack Vexed Sound Rec
Some of the above listed apps. Most of screenshots are clickable...

And here are my Linux programs (Kubuntu is my current choice for a desktop, while its roots, Debian is still on my hord of servers for years.

Some software for Amiga I've developed during my more or less spare time for this looong-time desktop machine of mine. I apologize, but most of my Amiga development has been ceased (due to lack of time and interest o'mine) you may pick them up continue - most of them are open source projects.

KDE 3.2+ splash screens - [Added: 2004.02.23]
Since KDE 3.2 every user can easily customise KDE's splash screen thanks to KSplash. Unfortunaltey, very few of currently available (i.e. on splash screens are delivered in KDE 3.2 compatible theme format, thus forcing users to play with shell and files. I wrote a small tool to solve that. Since batch conversion is now quite easy, I have converted some of them I found nice and also composed some by my own:

Konfabulator/Yahoo Widgets
Some Yahoo widgets I've made so far:

Sawfish themes
So far I haven't made much of Sawfish themes, but stay tuned ;-)

To install, just unpack the archive in your "/usr/share/sawfish/1.0.1/themes" (the path may vary, depending on distro. This is Debian one).

Wallpapers, icons and stuff
Nice looking stuff (at least I like them) to beautify your system.

  Carlos with grandma...

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