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Welcome to Miloslaw Smyk's Home Rage

Some personal data:

Miloslaw Smyk is a 25+ years old male, hopelessly addicted to computers. He has just graduated from the Computer Science department of Technical University of Szczecin. His interests are numerous and include programming, evolution, nanotechnology, cryonics, skeptical thinking, astronomy and memetics among others. He is a happy owner of Amiga 4000. Feel free to contact him for any reason, and if you want it to be secret, his public PGP key may be of some use for you.



For a few months I've also been doing contract programming in C and assembly for Magic Box, Inc.. If you are in a market for REAL multimedia and/or advanced TV advertising systems, you should pay them a visit or you'll be sorry for the rest of your life. :-)


Links to some of my projects that have been released to general public are here:

And these are sites every true Amigan should check at least daily:
AWD amiCrawler

My favourite things on the Web

I have set up a mirror of K. Eric Drexler's excellent book on nanotechnology - Engines of Creation. Thanks to Russell Whitaker for letting me to. If you are at least remotely interested in what may be possible in not-so-distant future, you won't be able to stop reading until you'll have finished it. Honest.

Another site undoubtedly worth visiting is Richard Dawkins home page (you know, the guy who coined meme idea and wrote many books about evolution, "The Selfish Gene" amid them), maintained by John Catalano. All sorts of information here, including book reviews, articles by and about Dawkins, up-to-a-minute news about recent events, lectures and controversies. Plus loads of links to sites carrying scientific and skeptical stuff, to widen your horizons even more. If you still believe Adam and Eve are your ultimate predecessors, this site is a therapy. ;-)

And in somewhat related vein, I recommend "Life on Earth - flow of Energy and Entropy", an essay by Marek Roland-Mieszkowski explaining in a great detail why II Law of Thermodynamics is not violated by something we traditionally call life. Even if you don't have problems with this topic (you know, many people have ;-) ), you may still find a lot of interesting information in it. Some math here too, but not heavy.


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