This page shows some of the images I rendered with JaTrac when most of the bugs related to photon mapping and irradiance gradients were already fixed. Still, if you look carefully you can find some that were present: SPEs, boundary bias, antialiasing glitches etc. Most of these are fixed in current code, but I don't exactly feel like rerendering everything once again. ;)

Simple scene from Peter Shirley's set of GI test scenes. Another scene from this set. Comparison image from WinOSi rendered with density estimation (2.5M photons total, 1400 in the irradiance estimate). The same scene rendered with final gathering pass.
Cornell Box with one wall textured. Cornell Box partially submerged. Cornell Box similar to the photograph here. Most of visible differences is due to gamma correction being too low in JaTrac image. Fun scene computed with pure ray tracing. Note non-illuminated shader on the red-white checkered ball.
Really weird shader that modifes some properties of a glass-like material. Atrium geometry rendered with pure ray tracing and fog effect. Atrium geometry rendered with path tracing and strong Sun-like illumination (50 paths per pixel). Slightly modified Atrium geometry rendered with photon mapping.
An example of procedural object. The triangles do not actually exist, but are created on the fly, as rays move through the scene.