Welcome to home of FlexCat
Welcome to the homepage of FlexCat, a program which generates catalogs and the source to handle them.
FlexCat works similar to CatComp or KitCat, but differs in generating any source you want. This is done by using the so called Source descriptions, which are a template for the code to generate. They can be edited and hence adapted to any programming language and individual needs.

Version 2.4 released

Read the changes log for detailed information
Some of the advantages:
fully localized. Now it supports the following languages (thanks to A.T.O. for the additional translations):
  • czech
  • croatian
  • dansk
  • deutsch
  • espanol
  • english
  • francais
  • italiano
  • nederlands
  • norvegian
  • polski
  • portugucs
  • schwabisch
  • serpski
  • suomi
  • svenska
  • slovensko
Due to various source descriptors generates source codes for all popular programming languages:
  • Assembler
  • AmigaE
  • ARexx
  • C
  • C++
  • Modula
  • Oberon
Enter FTP site
Click to download the latest FlexCat - ftp://ftp.amiga.com.pl/pub/flexcat/
Also downloadable from any Aminet mirror (dev/misc)
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