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WAIWhere Am I? 1.12 came with some issues which I decided to address instantly. So 1.13 is for those who dislike device crashing while WAI tries to query Bluetooth device and your Palm has BT feature turned off. Also online version checker misbehaved slightly. Please report any issues spotted using comments here.

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WAIWhere Am I? version 1.12 is out. I decided to change release policy and version 1.12 is the first one which brings all its features to everyone. Yes – it is fully featured. You can now fully test the application, test if all works as you expect and before you decide to place your donation. Sort of side-effect of this move is that on-line version checker and updater will work for each version, not just for demo version as it used to be. Enjoy your summer trips with WAI.

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WAIWhere Am I? version 1.11 is out, addressing crash issue that was reported to occur on some devices during BT connection problems.

Happy New Year 2009 by the way :)

PS: We still have couple unhandled donations – but we need your HotsyncID, so please speak up in the comments if you are still received no full featured copy! You may also contact me by email at carlos@wfmh…… Please put tag “WAI” in subject line in case of spam trap hungry.

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Where Am I? in action I’ve received couple of reports that WAI? is behaving incorrectly on devices that come with Google Maps Mobile preinstalled in ROM (mostly Treo 755p, Centro CDMA Sprint etc.). Palm OS allows you to "override" ROM application by installing its newer version in RAM which shaall be called now instead of ROM one. Unfortunately WAI? was not working that way and kept calling ROM GMM no matter of update present in RAM. As you probably have guessed, version 1.10 addresses this problem.

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Where Am I? in action And after a bit of delay here comes new release of Where Am I? utility. Version 1.9 is a minor update and brings (donors’ version only) persistence to GPS readouts, so you can quit WAI and relaunch it and it will remember last coordinates received from your GPS unit with time stamp for reference. Additionally you can find "Cut coords" and "Clear coords" in application "Edit" menu. It also fixes an issue (or annoyance) that made WAI to unconditionally invalidate previous readout (if present) while attempting to get new one, no matter if succeeded or failed. Now, it invalidates it only if there’s new coordinates to replace the old data.

PS: We still have couple unhandled donations – but we need your HotsyncID, so please speak up in the comments if you are still received no full featured copy! You may also contact me by email at carlos@wfmh…… Please put tag "WAI" in subject line in case of spam trap hungry.

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Announcement Due to increasing number of moronic bots trying to smuggle all their p3nis and p0rn crappy ads here I decided to change the way people are allowed to post comments to this site. As of today, it’s now required to log in (thus also register) prior posting any comment. I do understand that this may be a major issue (I also do not like to register to post one or two comments on other sites) but I am simply dead tired of removing dozens of spam from moderation queue (yes, comments were moderated so there’s no chance this crap appear here). As for now registration is the way to sort that out, as it is simplest to implement here. I will also look for alternatives like captcha or something what appears ore problematic for spam bots. Thanks for your understanding.

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Where Am I? in action Version 1.7 did not last too long, isn’t it? 1.8 which I am announcing right now brings no new features, however fixes two bugs: altitude readouts were incorrect under some circumstances (it plagued only imperial (fsw) display). Also version checker could leak couple of bytes or leave progress window opened in case of network failure.

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AnnouncementI am trying to reach Mr. Tony Dove (you know who you are). Please contact me with your valid email address by adding comment to this thread. Thanks.

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Where Am I? in action Finally, WAI development returned back to its regular track. While version 1.7 I am announcing right now is not bringing any new bells and whistles, you may consider update. Major change is new shiny on-line version checker which now incorporates internal routines instead of hiring web browser to do the job. And if you wonder what Where Am I? can bring you in forthcoming release – what I am recently working on is bookmarking system as many users asked about that feature. And if you like this app, please consider donating . Donors shall check their mailboxes for the update copy.

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Announcement Couple of days passed since last WhereAmI? release. Unfortunately I had absolutely no time to for WAI? development during these days, even version 1.7 is almost done (it will officially be out on Apr 1 -> no joke). Unluckily I also had some issues dealing with your donations. I deeply apologize to any of you who placed donation and still awaits full featured copy to arrive which I used to send as a "Thank you" for your donation. All people who’s donation remains not handled, please add your comment to this post with your valid email address and Hotsync Id you use, so I can match your donation and ship the application immediately. Thank you all for your support and understanding.

PS: Even comments are moderated (and I will not publish any from this post) please do not post here if you’re handled or want to discuss Where Am I? as application. Please use this post to comment on application .

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