Where Am I? in action As it seemed version 1.5 cauased dome problems under some conditions (mostly reported by users with non english ROMs) I decided to push out version 1.6 much earlier than I formerly planned. So, in meanwhile get it using WAI?’s built-in “Check for update” feature or download from many sites that mirrors this application or just use local copy . New things in version 1.6 – you can now choose what search mode you want WAI? to order from Google Maps. Be it ordinary location search, search for nearest business. Or you will continue with direction planning with current location set as destination (To Place) or departure (From Place). Also, version 1.6 brings you current Altitude readouts (assuming your GPS receiver provides such information). Enjoy. And if you like this app, please consider donating .

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  1. Jeff says:

    Seems like a great program, and a wonderful tool for a guy like me who travels every week and occasionally finds himself lost in a strange city :-)

    Wonder if you can help me with what I hope is a not too complex problem. Or it could be a classic stupid user error… time will tell.

    I have a Treo 755p (including google maps of course) and recently picked up a Nokia LD-1W blutooth GPS. The LD-1W paired with the 755 with no problem, and using GPS Tester (app I found on mytreo.net) Im able to connect to the GPS and successfully get coordinates.

    With WAI (1.6), when I select Get My Coords, the Bluetooth Discovery app is launched – which interestingly never shows any of my bluetooth devices that are paired (in this case, my PC, my BT headset, or the GPS). The behavior is as if all of them were powered off. Closing the discovery app gives me an error in WAI of “Can’t open serial port! Search BT error 0x3127″ (I guess that could be coming from the discovery app).

    The same discovery dialog is launched by GPS Tester, but it finds the LD-1W successfully.

    Sorry for long comment, figured more info is better than less…



  2. Borszczuk says:

    WAI does not filter out any type of BT device, so if your receiver is discoverable it shall appear during scanning. The error message is WAI’s as it got nothing to bind to. I do not have Nokia LD-1W around to play with it and any BT receiver I’ve tested gets listed as expected. I may try to check if that particular one needs anything special, still, it’d be rather odd

  3. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the reply… I thought it was odd too, especially given that the other app seems to be able to connect to it, and WAI and that app both appear to use the same discovery dialog! Just got home last night, and I have an old 650 here at the house, think Ill try it to see what happens.

  4. Borszczuk says:

    It’s system bluetooth library that pops up that discovery dialog. Please let me know what your 650 would see.

  5. Jeff says:

    I tried it with the 650, and I get the same result – WAI does not discover the LD-1W (actually, I dont see any BT devices on the discovery screen). I then installed GPS Tester (referenced above), and on the 650 it also discover the Nokia, and I can get a fix.

    Very strange…


  6. Borszczuk says:

    If you enter (on both 650 and 680) system Prefs app and then Bluetooth, then “Setup Devices” then “Trusted Devices” and then “Add Device” do you see your received on “Nearby devices”?

  7. Jeff says:

    Yes… and I also see my laptop, and the other phone (the 650 sees the 755, and 755 sees the 650).

  8. Jeff says:

    Curious if you found anything, or think this issue is related to my device?

    Thanks in advance…

  9. Tony Abraham says:

    Guys it is not just with yours. When I downloaded 1.6 my 755P will not find any BT devices even though they are in the preferences and work with the phone. WAI did work with the 755P on previous versions.

  10. Tony Abraham says:

    I went back to 1.5 and as I said the Treo 755P syncs with the garmin Nuvi GPS but doesn’t leave any coordinates.

  11. Borszczuk says:

    Seems I planted some bugs then. The BT handling code changed due to BT MAC cache support, so it may be it does not help for some devices (still I see no problems with mine). Will investigate.

  12. ColdWarVet says:

    Have a Palm 700p paired with a http://www.Parrot.com CK3300 (HandsFree w GPS) car kit.

    WAI 1.4 worked but required frequent re-pairing and GPS connect requests from the Parrot. Downloaded WAI 1.5(?) and functionality quit working entirely (even the hands free cell part). Went back to WAI 1.4 with some success then it too quit working.

    Now on WAI 1.6 and the hands free functionality working again only frequent pairing is required again; however, GPS Bluetooth connectivity for WAI was established only once, worked great but now cannot re-establish GPS connectivity (does not appear in ‘all’, ‘nearby’, or ‘trusted’ devices) following Get My Coords.

    I’d like to eliminate WAI as a source of Bluetooth issues with the CK3300.

  13. MANU says:

    Hey, I got an issue with my Palm BT GPS. I use Tom Tom with it and it works fine but WIA does not get the GPS coordinates….. Any thing I am doing wrong?

  14. Borszczuk says:

    What version of WAI? makes these problems?

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