WAIWhere Am I? version 1.11 is out, addressing crash issue that was reported to occur on some devices during BT connection problems.

Happy New Year 2009 by the way :)

PS: We still have couple unhandled donations – but we need your HotsyncID, so please speak up in the comments if you are still received no full featured copy! You may also contact me by email at carlos@wfmh…… Please put tag “WAI” in subject line in case of spam trap hungry.

6 Responses to “Where Am I? v1.11 is now available”
  1. StefanB says:

    Where can I get the full version 1.11? I have donated last year.


  2. Borszczuk says:

    As per usual It arrives via email.

  3. SportyRydr says:

    I easily found the latest version this time (1.11), but it still runs the ROM version of Google Maps! I was never able to find v1.10, so I don’t know if that actually worked right either.

    I have a 755p, and have Google Maps installed in RAM.


  4. geepeesss says:

    I have donated as per the request in v1.11, but haven’t heard anything back. how do i get the full featured version? I still haven’t received anything by email. Thanks for your help

  5. matous says:

    I´ve got the full version 1.9 after donating. How do I get the higher full versions? So far I didn´t get them.


  6. Borszczuk says:

    WAI v1.11 is send via mail to each of reggistered user (new or as upgrade). Pleaase check your mailbox (or SPAM folder) and let me know if you want me to resend your copy. Please speak here or via mail sent to carlos@

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