Where Am I? in action I’ve received couple of reports that WAI? is behaving incorrectly on devices that come with Google Maps Mobile preinstalled in ROM (mostly Treo 755p, Centro CDMA Sprint etc.). Palm OS allows you to "override" ROM application by installing its newer version in RAM which shaall be called now instead of ROM one. Unfortunately WAI? was not working that way and kept calling ROM GMM no matter of update present in RAM. As you probably have guessed, version 1.10 addresses this problem.

4 Responses to “Where Am I? v1.10 is now available”
  1. StefanB says:

    can you please update your standard download folder (http://wfmh.org.pl/carlos/files/palm/ )? Version 1.10 not available yet. Also how do we get the fully registered version of 1.10?


  2. snourse says:

    I’m also interested in seeing version 1.10 as my Treo 755p has the “uses built in GMM bug”– I have donated and would appreciate the registered version also, when you get a chance.

    Thanks for the great work,

  3. StefanB says:

    Any news on the download link for v1.10?

  4. Borszczuk says:

    @snourse: you shall have it in your mailbox already.

    @stefanb: No. But v1.11 is out and available as per usual.

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