Announcement Due to increasing number of moronic bots trying to smuggle all their p3nis and p0rn crappy ads here I decided to change the way people are allowed to post comments to this site. As of today, it’s now required to log in (thus also register) prior posting any comment. I do understand that this may be a major issue (I also do not like to register to post one or two comments on other sites) but I am simply dead tired of removing dozens of spam from moderation queue (yes, comments were moderated so there’s no chance this crap appear here). As for now registration is the way to sort that out, as it is simplest to implement here. I will also look for alternatives like captcha or something what appears ore problematic for spam bots. Thanks for your understanding.

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  1. Borszczuk says:

    Seems this concept works. At least counter-spam. No single casino, p0rn and other crap slipped into since. Thanks for those users who decided to register and comment here beside this requirements.

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