Where Am I? in action Version 1.7 did not last too long, isn’t it? 1.8 which I am announcing right now brings no new features, however fixes two bugs: altitude readouts were incorrect under some circumstances (it plagued only imperial (fsw) display). Also version checker could leak couple of bytes or leave progress window opened in case of network failure.

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  1. Stefan says:

    Thanks for the update. But I cannot find a download link for version 1.8. Can you please provide?

  2. Power Goh says:

    Where am I always opens my rom version of google maps instead of version is this normal? Can it open the newest google maps? Thanks

  3. Borszczuk says:

    It shall do by default (it’s PalmOS normal feature). I have no reports such issue happens due to WAI. Can you post your config and Palm device model (incl. ROM version and carrier (in case of Treo/Centro) so others could verify?

  4. clevewaterman says:

    Download link?

  5. clevewaterman says:

    Found it.
    Works fast!
    Worthy of a donation.
    Why so hard to find download link?

  6. clevewaterman says:

    donation sent.
    I was able to download v1.7
    I clicked the “check for update” button, but I got back the response that I was using the latest version.

  7. Borszczuk says:

    Download… Indeed – there’s no 1.8 to download. My fault – I shall address this issue later today. Stay tuned…

  8. JimD says:

    Staying tuned… :-)

  9. clevewaterman says:

    I made a post re WAI to the TreoCentral website.

    Is there a “donation paid” version of WAI?


  10. Borszczuk says:

    Yes, it is. It brings more features i.e. Bluetooth device selection caching so you do not need to pick one over and over again, also altitude readouts looks useful for many people. New version will also bring new features in donors’ releases. I may also try again to work around Treo 755 GMM problems with older version still being launched…

    And good news: I managed to push out outstanding v1.8 update.

    Bad news: Unfortunately, no donation processing till Monday – all my computers but laptop are far away since Monday (I am in process of moving to other town). I will join them over the weekend and will hopefully restore my infrastructure on Monday. I may be completely off-line since then. Thanks for your patience.

  11. bboman says:

    Down loaded version 8 .. cannot sync up with my Parrot Blue tooth & Palm Centro phone ..
    error = cannot open serial ? port
    HELP !!!

  12. BOFH says:

    What version of Centro is it? Sprint one?

  13. Borszczuk says:

    Ok, I have found the culprit. Next version will address this issue

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