Where Am I? in action Finally, WAI development returned back to its regular track. While version 1.7 I am announcing right now is not bringing any new bells and whistles, you may consider update. Major change is new shiny on-line version checker which now incorporates internal routines instead of hiring web browser to do the job. And if you wonder what Where Am I? can bring you in forthcoming release – what I am recently working on is bookmarking system as many users asked about that feature. And if you like this app, please consider donating . Donors shall check their mailboxes for the update copy.

2 Responses to “Where Am I? v1.7 is now available”
  1. Dave says:

    I downloaded version 1.7 on my Palm Treo 650, and it found latitude and logitude right away. When I asked it to “Show on Map”, and select “Location”, it comes back with an error message “No Google Maps Mobile found installed on your device. Download it first!”. I have both Where Am I? and Google Maps on the same SD card. Neither is in the internal Treo memory. Does Where Am I? only look for Google Maps in the internal application storage? Any help would be appreciated.


  2. Borszczuk says:

    No, it does not. It’s because of PalmOS internals, not WAI. PalmOS does not support launching apps from SD card at all. Both Launcher and all the tools like PowerRun etc, do the trick by copying apps (and it’s data) to internal storage first and running it from there (thanks for greedy Palm. a few cents per unit more and we’d have “normal” RAM disk there). No app launch OS call does the trick though. It checks internal memory only. AFAIK PowerRun can create small stub in internal storage which then woul do that trick, but you may check that yourself.

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