Where Am I? in action I was out for a longer while, so the former release date of this version was slightly different, but despite of lot of other "queued" tasks I have now to finish I managed to build Where Am I? v1.5 which is now available. Get the latest version using WAI?’s built-in “Check for update” feature or download from many sites that mirrors this application (i. e. Softonic , PalmInfoCenter ) or just use local copy . New thing in version 1.5 – WAI now remembers last chosen BT device – so it won’t bug you to select one each time you launch. Reg’ed users please stay tuned I will get in touch with you this week. Thanks.

PS: Happy New Year!

18 Responses to “Where Am I? v1.5 in the wild”
  1. martin cohen says:

    Works great!

  2. Carsten says:

    Great program, but one question:

    If I tap “show on map” GMM anwers “no result found” followed by the coordinates. After a closer lock I have seen, that the coordinates were copied in the “search around current position” (sorry, translate this from german, don’t know the correct english name for this item with shortcut “B”. Item is used to search for shops etc.). If I copy&paste the coordinates to “search current position” (item-shortcut L), it works.
    Is there a problem with the german version of GMM ? (Maybe they switched the fields-names). Is it possible to set a configuration in WAI, where to copy the coordinates in ?


  3. Borszczuk says:

    Could you please install english version to find out if that solves your problem? I’d like to know where the problem really is.

  4. Carsten says:

    Wow, fast answer ;-)

    I tried to get a current version in english, but at every download the browser relocated to the german page :-(
    I tried a version 1.0 from an old page elsewhere and it seems to work. Problem: After starting GMM, the program asked to update or quit. After update -> german version. After quit, for a moment the map is visible (before closing the prog) at it shows the right position.

    My statement: Your program works great and without any problems, but GMM not.
    Now I have the problem to get the current _english_ version. And I will write a comment in the GMM-forum

    best regards

  5. Borszczuk says:

    See here: http://wfmh.org.pl/carlos/files/palm/ the installer of will probably install you the german version too (I will check, but not today, if you can remove any files (overlays) to get german localization out. Still is just main .prc (no installer) so give it a shot as for now.

  6. Carsten says:

    Ok, now I’m totally confused: With your english version the same problem and the error-message in german “keine Ergebnisse gefunden” (no results found). I tried to erase all files, installed new but with the same result =:-|
    Switched back to english 1.0.0 version and, before the program exits due to the canceled update, it shows the right position.
    current results
    german version – not working
    english version 1.2.08 – not working
    english version 1.0.0 – working (but closing due to canceled update)

    By the way: If you thinking, this is a problem of only my Treo, I will stop annoying you with this problem. I wonder about the fact that no one else has this problem.

  7. Borszczuk says:

    I haven’t had a chance to test WAI/GMM with other than english ROMs so it still may be that it’s not just your device but a german one in general. English ROMs based Treos, Centros and other works fine. If you want to investigate you may want to do a sort of hardcore test – backup your device. Hard reset it, install just WAI and GMM and try. It may be that there’s something else installed on you palm that confuses GMM. But I got no clue what it might be.

  8. wolla says:

    V. 1.5 doesn`t work with Treo680, same problem as v. 1.4!!!

  9. Borszczuk says:

    It does (I do own 680). What is “same problem” you refer to?

  10. Carsten says:

    I found him (wolla) in a german Palm-forum. There is a discussion about the same problem I have mentioned above. There are some users with this problem, Even with version 1.5 and with 1.4.

  11. Borszczuk says:

    Did 1.3 worked? Do other version of GMM work? Does it affect just german Palm OS devices? I just tried WAI? 1.6 (unreleased) on GMM on Treo 680 (ROW) and it works correctly. If I am expected to fix anything I need to know what’s going on exactly over there. I do not have nor use german version of Palm device, so you guys should give me more information, otherwise I won’t be able to do much with that…

  12. Carsten says:

    Of course
    Ok, I’m using a Palm 650 and have tried the version 1.4 of WAI first. My/our problem is that the coordinates that are send by WAI are not copied in the “current location”-search. They are copied in the “search nearby business”. So you get an “no result found for coordinates xxxxxx”-error in GMM. And I found the same problem with your version 1.5.
    Now it seems so that some more users have the same problem. In my opinion this is a problem of GMM. Is there a way to change the place for the copied coordinates ?
    I have never tried the version 1.3 of WAI.

    Thank you for your effort to help me/us

  13. Borszczuk says:

    that are send by WAI are not copied in the “current location”-search. They are copied in the “search nearby business”.

    I will add an option to choose search type in v1.6. Shall be out next week

  14. Michael says:

    Same Problem as Carsten with german treo 650, WAI 1.5 and

    Thanks for the fine prog and thanks to Carsten for his helpful workaround with copy and paste.

  15. Borszczuk says:

    @Michael, @Carsten: I’ve sent you guys a beta version of WAI 1.6. Please do check if it solves your problem and let me know.

  16. Carsten says:

    Great !! :-)
    It is working perfectly. Thanks for this VERY fast reply and this outstanding work.
    Best regards

  17. Borszczuk says:

    v1.6 is out.

  18. wolla says:

    v. 1.6 now works on my treo680!!!

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