This page is going to be a general resource for people interested in the Amiga sound board called Delfina. This Zorro-II card among many interesting things features fully programmable Motorola 56002 DSP running at 40MHz, what BTW was a good enough reason for me to purchase the board. But despite the fact that 5600x is the single most popular DSP line in the world, and that quite some Delfinas (in both Classic and Lite variety) have been sold by their maker, not many programs as yet have appeared that exploit the potential available.

In part this is due to low understanding of DSPs by average programmer, in part due to sparse documentation/examples and lack of debugging tools. I am of course far from blaming Petsoff, in fact they made excellent job in bringing this board to Amiga. The software that arrives with it is rather above the requirements of most users - you get an assembler and some diagnostic utils apart from obvious things like AHI drivers, sound playback/recording and configuration software.

Still, the hacker may want more, and this is exactly why this page is here.

We start modestly, with a small tool to view/edit Delfina memory and with some links to relevant WWW sites. In the future I'd like to add DSP programming tutorials for beginners, example code and more utilities.

It's my hope that you'll let this page grow with your contributions.