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Spell Me!I un-dusted some old applications and one of them is Spell Me!. It’s a simple, yet freeware, tool capable of doing various text conversion. It can converted text using one of built-in alphabets. Most popular usage (and the main reason this application was written) is to convert to phonetics alphabet. Whenever you find necessary to spell someone name or any sequence of letters, especially over the phone or other (usually) noisy media, you may find it might be much easier to spell it using, instead of fficial alphabet spelling, regular words that start with given letter. This system is widely used by pilots and ham radio operators worldwide and was proven o be readable and pronounceable to any person on the world, no matter of nationality or native language. Version 1.1 brings clipboard support, 5-Way navigation handling and on-line version checker. Get your copy from PalmGear or from local repository.

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