PS3 Eye Camera

By default, Sony’s PS3 Eye camera does not work under anything beside Playstation 3. Fortunately since its release, a couple of 3rd party drivers were released, theoretically allowing you to use Eye as regular web cam.

In practice, you probably realise that some of them either does not work on your system or if it works, then it crashes and from what I have checked, I chosen to use drivers by Alex Popovich. He runs a blog so check there for newer version of the drivers. As of now, version is recent one, so grab it from Alex’s site (I uploaded the copy to Rapid Share, as Alex’s download site faces downtimes pretty often lately). Installation looks pretty easy:

  1. download the drivers setup form Alex’s site or Rapid Share,
  2. disconnect PS3 Eye from your PC,
  3. quit Skype, MSN, Y! and any other app that feature video support. If you do not, some components may not be installed correctly and you will have to uninstall and try again,
  4. run the setup and wait until it’s done,
  5. connect the Eye to your PC,
  6. when Windows as you to install drivers for newly detected device go do that (but skip connecting to Windows Update – it’s pointless). On the next step you may either tell it to find on your HDD and install it automatically, or simply tell it to install drivers from certain locations and select “C:\Program Files\AlexP” as source folder.
  7. Run test app PS3Eye Camera to see if anything works,
  8. Run AmCap to see if DirectShow filter works and other apps will be able to use your Eye.

If PS3Eye Camera app works but AmCap does not it might be you did not obey step 3. Uninstall the drivers, and try the whole thing all over again. Some people prefer to install DirectShow filter by hand i.e. by using DirectShow Filter Manager tool (when used click “Add filter” and select the “c:\Program Files\AlexP\”), but I didn’t find that necessary.

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