Where Am I? in action And after a bit of delay here comes new release of Where Am I? utility. Version 1.9 is a minor update and brings (donors’ version only) persistence to GPS readouts, so you can quit WAI and relaunch it and it will remember last coordinates received from your GPS unit with time stamp for reference. Additionally you can find "Cut coords" and "Clear coords" in application "Edit" menu. It also fixes an issue (or annoyance) that made WAI to unconditionally invalidate previous readout (if present) while attempting to get new one, no matter if succeeded or failed. Now, it invalidates it only if there’s new coordinates to replace the old data.

PS: We still have couple unhandled donations – but we need your HotsyncID, so please speak up in the comments if you are still received no full featured copy! You may also contact me by email at carlos@wfmh…… Please put tag "WAI" in subject line in case of spam trap hungry.

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