Keyring for PalmOS in action It was a couple days ago when I hacked a wonderful Keyring for Palm OS , which is electronic wallet you could use (and I do) to keep all your PINs or passwords secure. It’s freeware, open sourced and uses real cryptography for what it’s doing. I strongly recommend giving this application a try if you haven’t had a chance to do that to date.

Since I haven’t had a time to commit back my changes yet to main trunk, and they seem to sleep on my disk far too long, here you can find my build (.prc – English only, no localized builds, sorry) I use daily. My changes are mostly UI related and 2.0-pre7 is fully compatible with other 2.0 builds so you can just both replace what you use with mine build as well as overwrite it with older one if you decide not to keep mine and your database would stay untouched. Here’s excerpt from the CHANGES:

  • added hi-res colorful images for lock/unlock state icon,
  • tapping lock icon on locked state pops up password requester and unlocks the data if successful,
  • added lock/unlock images feature background transparency to better deal with color themes,
  • reworked "Unlock" form and added an huge icon to make it visually different from other dialogs,
  • added keyboards shortcuts for most menu items,
  • added "Quit" menu item for Treo users pleasure.

If you are new to Keyring, please note you need crypt libs installed. So grab the latest Keyring from the website liked above, install AESLib.prc, DESLib.prc and MDLib.prc and then install my build on your device.


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